Tuesday, June 12, 2012

jun njan seafood restaurant MOI mall

lunch today was jun njan (pronounced yun-ng-yan) chinese restaurant. their specialty is supposed to be steamed shrimps, but we didnt order it - boo :(. but we did order 3 very indo chinese dishes.

1. squid in jun njan sauce - very yu
my, squid was juicy and tender

2. frogs legs in jun njan sauce- again delicious, i drowned my rice and frogs in that sauce. ive always loved frogs legs since i was little, cooked properly the meat is very sweet soft tender

3. lindung ca fumak, translates to eel stirfried with fumak veges. this was probably the let down dish of the bunch. the eel was fried perfectly and had good crunch and bite but the sauces in the stirfry were bland. so i got my eel pieces and drowned them in jun njan sauce :D

lunch cost rp 255,000 (aud $28) for 3 ppl, inc drinks and rice


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Holidays with babies

Holidays with babies are not really holidays. So far its more like being at home with a far more crankier and unsettled baby, making everything even harder. Hah... and the so called support and 'nanny' i was suppose to have has not come through - what a load of bs ... . Hubby has also been MIA - sooo not happy with him :( ...not enjoying my holiday at all

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

packing for travel

OMG!!! we are leaving for jakarta tomorrow night and i'm still half packed! i like travelling but i dont like packing, packing for 1 [which is me, myself and i] is bad enough but holy mother $%^& packing for yourself and a baby is freakin hard! not only do you have to remember all the crap both of you need when you travel but you have to remember to pack 'appropriately' for a plane trip too [so that ur comfortable enough and so is bubs!]

the other thing that makes it hard is that you're moving from cold to humid climate and making sure you are going to be comfortable before during and after the trip - FML! [ coz i have to think of bubs too]

i seriously have no strategy, im going stupid thinking about it - i prolly will lose sleep over it too :( like i have sleep to lose..

i have consulted a number of website on this matter, they are helping - at least it gives me a good reality check of what i need and not to over do it

wish my husband would be more useful then just saying - 'ooo im freaking out - i hope H is going to be good on the plane' - my strategy for that? stick a boob in her mouth until she falls asleep. well thats my plan

its everything else thats worrying me -- argh!!!

even packing clothes is a bloody pain in the ass , still have a bunch of weight to lose before i can fit into my pre baby clothes - they sit there mocking me - my wardrobe is seriously limited to stuff that stretches around my tummy and tops that dont make my already enormous boobs even bigger - bloody hell...

well i hope all goes well..i shall pray to the travelling gods - to have mercy on me and have a happy and safe flight/travels.

i hope this trip is worth it


Thursday, May 31, 2012


Everyday i fall more in love with you :) xxoo mummy

Sunday, May 13, 2012

my first mothers day

my very thoughtful n wonderful hubby spoilt me rotten today. honestly all i asked for on mothers day was to be allowed to sleep in till 9 and brekkie at some cafe and icecream n waffles from galare. well ... we did some of that and more! i woke up at 8 ( not much of a sleep in) we got brekkie from hjs ( ran out of time) and i got a gorgeous bunch of flowers (love it). BUT the best surprise of all!!! ill let the photos explain...

Thursday, March 29, 2012


The mother in law has gone home and reality is a bitch. Sooo tired and exhausted. I think Hanneli misses her nana

Monday, March 19, 2012

outfit of the day

Hanneli is wearing a peach coloured onesie with bunny motif ... a gift from someone :)