Tuesday, June 12, 2012

jun njan seafood restaurant MOI mall

lunch today was jun njan (pronounced yun-ng-yan) chinese restaurant. their specialty is supposed to be steamed shrimps, but we didnt order it - boo :(. but we did order 3 very indo chinese dishes.

1. squid in jun njan sauce - very yu
my, squid was juicy and tender

2. frogs legs in jun njan sauce- again delicious, i drowned my rice and frogs in that sauce. ive always loved frogs legs since i was little, cooked properly the meat is very sweet soft tender

3. lindung ca fumak, translates to eel stirfried with fumak veges. this was probably the let down dish of the bunch. the eel was fried perfectly and had good crunch and bite but the sauces in the stirfry were bland. so i got my eel pieces and drowned them in jun njan sauce :D

lunch cost rp 255,000 (aud $28) for 3 ppl, inc drinks and rice


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